Birds & Wildlife

Bird Seed, Suet & Critter Food


Attract wild birds to your yard with bird seed from Gale’s. Select blends enjoyed by a wide variety of birds or specialty seeds to satisfy the appetites of your favorite feathered friends.


Supplement bird diets with suet blended with fruit or nuts.  These rich treats promote bird health and energy. Want to discourage squirrels from raiding the suet feeder? Try our Hot Pepper Blend.

Bird & Squirrel Feeders & Accessories


Gale’s Maple Heights carries an impressive assortment of bird and squirrel feeders,

bird houses, bird baths, birdbath heaters and feeding accessories.

Perhaps you’d like to discourage squirrels from eating your bird seed.

Try our squirrel bafflers and squirrel-proof feeders.

Join the Gale’s Maple Heights Bird Food Club


Feed the birds and save $$$ !

Stop in for a membership card.


Enjoy watching wild critters? Squirrels and deer will visit often if you treat them to meals of corn and nuts. Both are available at Gale’s in Maple Heights.

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