Garden Supplies

Gale’s in Maple Heights stocks the materials you need to create and maintain your landscape. From soil testing kits to hand tools, from garden insect and disease controls to soil amendments

and mulches, visit Gale’s and get growing!


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Text Box: 5211 Lee Road
Maple Hts., OH 44137

(216) 662-4080
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Need advice?


Consult our Ortho Problem Solver or our weed and insect identification charts to find the source or your plant problem.


Our knowledgeable staff is also ready to help you with information to tackle any gardening project or address a plant problem.


When possible, bring in a  plant clipping that shows the problem: signs of disease or insect attack. Be sure you know the conditions under which your plant is growing: soil type and moisture level, the number of hours of sunlight your plant receives each day, and any other factors you suspect may be causing a problem.


Miracle-Gro plant foods

Espoma organic plant foods

Weed and grass killers

Flower, vegetable and herb seeds

Hoses and watering supplies

Hand tools

...and so much more!

Gale’s carries the brand names you know and trust.

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