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Lawns can be attacked by insects, weeds, undesirable grasses, fungi and various diseases. Prevent and treat lawn problems with the most effective products available. Gale’s knowledge-able staff is ready to help you with diagnosis and treatment advice.

Insect Control


Is your grass plagued with grubs, sod webworms, chinch bugs or other insects? Come to Gale’s for these brand name products and restore your lawn’s beauty and health.

Weed Control


Don’t let weeds or crabgrass take control of your lawn! Stop them with products that can be applied with sprayers or spreaders. (Weed-and-feed fertilizers, as seen on our fertilizer web page, can also be used.)

Lawn Fungus Control


Control lawn diseases including brown patch, dollar spot, red thread, leaf spot, snow mold and rust with the right product.

Grubs and dandelions

Snow mold, leaf spot and rust

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