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Thistledown Broadleaf Weed Control


Canada thistle is one of the hardest-to-control

weeds common to our area.

Thistledown will help

take care of the problem.

“Stopper” Animal Repellents


Tired of deer, squirrels, loose dogs and cats, and other nuisance animals causing damage and making messes in your yard? Try the “Stopper” product specially formulated to address each animal problem.


Select ready-to-spray, concentrate,

or granular products.

Allium “Medusa”


This deer and rabbit resistant ornamental onion blooms for about a month in mid to late summer.

Since it attracts butterflies and pollinators,

it is a welcome, environmentally friendly

addition to your landscape.

Seedlinger’s Fertelixirs


Treat your lawn and plants

to these powerful, potent plant foods.

Rich in nutrients and minerals,

Plant Fertelixir and Turf Fertelixir

promote lush growth.

The Plant Fertelixir is great for all

indoor and outdoor plants.

Netherland Bulb Organic Seed Potatoes


A home-grown potato is a tasty treat.

Try Dark Red Norland, Yukon Nugget,

Purple Majesty, French Fingerling,

and Rose Finn Apple Fingerling.